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What is the taste of your Brandy?

Armenian Brandy “Madatoff” is prepared of the unique assortment of cognac spirits received from amber grapes from the vineyards of Artsakh. Harmoniously combining classical and modern styles, that divine drink is the result of qualitative exposure, masters’ diligence and high art of manufacturing. It has rich dead-gold hue, luxurious taste saturated with solid subtle fruity bouquet emphasising its noble origin. It grants the vivid sense of divine flavour and the feeling that time may be not enough for revealing the whole secret of its magic power.

Where can we buy your brandy?

Armenian brandy “Madatoff” is sold in the net of supermarkets “SAS”, “YEREVAN CITY”, as well as in all other shops. Our product is sold also in the Duty free shop located in the Airport “Zvartnots” as well as in the Duty-free shops located in the Airports Domodedovo in Moscow անդ Pulkovo in St. Petersbourg.

Why just “Madatoff”? Whom is related that name?

In founding the trade mark “Madatoff” the image of Valerian Grigor. Madatoff (Madatyan) - the legendary General of Armenian origin, was used. The brandy itself is associated with the noble aristocratic personality of the knight and symbolises his person, and the bottle is the embodiment of the officer of high rank.

I am the owner of General Madatoff brandy, but I do not have VIP card.

Dear owner, please contact us by e-mail  and we will give your VIP card.